Here's a map of the ACCF site, with hills and valleys shaded. Your balloon can touch down on any of the five yellow circles, each of which offers a 360 degree panoramic view from that location.

You'll then look for five things in each location. How many do you think you'll find? If you find them all, you'll earn 100 points!

To take this tour of ACCF you'll need a high-speed Internet connection and the free Flash plugin on your computer's web browser.

Note: this tour was developed in 2004 by Jenn Bernstein and Jim Proctor. If you'd like a map of current ACCF trails showing pano locations, click here.

Virtual Tour Balloon

Just remember these simple rules before you get started:

  • Go up, down, right, and left in the panorama with your mouse, or zoom in with your shift key and out with your minus key
  • When you click on a treasure item you'll see a check mark appear next to the item and a further description appear to the right
  • When you have found all the items you can for a given location, climb back into your balloon, return to the navigation page, and touch down on another panoramic view
  • You'll see a check mark appear on the navigation page next to each location where you've found all the treasure hunt items
  • Once you leave the online tour you'll have to start again from scratch; you can't save your score for later but you can print it out

Ready to play? Click the balloon at right to begin!